Freedom of religion

It’s probably correct to say the Catholic Church’s doctrine on birth control is generally unpopular in America. That’s why President Obama thinks he can use it to undermine freedom of religion. Ambitious rulers attack not the popular, but the unpopular institutions – at first.

You don’t have to agree with the Catholic Church on birth control to know President Obama shouldn’t force Catholics to pay for their employees’ birth control. I might add that not only shouldn’t he force them, but he may not, under that Constitution. That the Constitution restricts the Obama administration in any way at all would be unwelcome news to President Obama.

President Obama’s plan, if implemented, brings us closer to an unrestrained totalitarian government. My guess is that having met some resistance, he’ll have his people back away from it for now. But it’s like Lucy and the football – vote for him again, and President Obama will betray his supporters again.


4 Replies to “Freedom of religion”

  1. It would be somewhat easier to take if he made all religious groups across the board pay for it but singling out Catholics makes it look like he wants Catholics as enemies.

    1. I assumed all employers over some size had to cover it, but it’s a problem for the Catholics (and maybe Orthodox) because it’s contrary to their teachings. In any case, wait a while and the administration will go after others. To paraphrase, “First they came for the Catholics.”

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