Google making too many connections

I’m getting tired of fooling around trying to maintain some privacy while using Google Reader, which seems increasingly clunky anyway. It might be easier to just visit sites I like, read what’s there, and move on.

On another topic, Wikipedia says Selah “is probably either a liturgico-musical mark or an instruction on the reading of the text, something like ‘stop and listen’.” Going to the Methodist Church, I was beginning to think it meant connection! or maybe authentic! or that it was the High Priest’s instruction to the hereditary Keeper of the South Door to lower the projection screen and start the PowerPoint. Which, sinner that I am, always causes me to visualize the veil of the Temple tearing from top to bottom.


2 Replies to “Google making too many connections”

  1. I stopped using Google Reader when they destroyed the share function. Now going old school with a folder for blogs I visit daily-ish, and another for weekly-ish, and subscribing to email updates for everywhere I can.

    Eventually move off of, too, if I ever start blogging frequently again…..

  2. On your first topic, may I suggest making a bookmarks folder called “reading” or “following” or whathaveyou? The “open all in tabs” feature in Firefox brings them all up nicely.

    I don’t say this to suggest you couldn’t figure that out, but to say of your idea, “That’s what I do; works great.”

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