Need more diversity

The blogroll, over on the right, is way out of kilter. There are too many Catholics. Just now I added another (Coming Home, by Dr. Gerard M. Nadal, about medical ethics.) I had to pass up a really good one that I wanted to link, because it would have pushed my main blog roll over 25% Roman Catholic. Let me be specific about what I need; hopefully nobody will rat me out to the UN High Commissionaire of Diversity or her deputy in Washington.

Bloggers wanted

  • Episcopal – Buddhists, Sufis, or Reformed Jews please see below
  • Some kind of Baptist – at this point, I’m pretty open
  • Methodist – no atheists or bishops please
  • Greek Orthodox – a humor blog would be especially welcome
  • Lutheran – any synod is fine
  • Reformed – I don’t really understand what that means, but I see the word a lot
  • Non-denominational – I can always use these.
  • Buddhist, Sufi, or Reformed Jew – no Anglicans in this category please

Suggestions for these or others are welcome. I’ll be adding links over the next few days.

UPDATE: I know what I need – a Calvinist. The secular left is always on about Calvinists scheming to impose Theocracy. I need to follow a blog by a full-on Calvinist Dominionist.


3 Replies to “Need more diversity”

  1. Well, my husband is a reformed Agnostic– he’s now quite sure there’s a God, and he’s pretty sure that He is Jesus along Catholic lines, but he’s positive that He is rational. Mostly does politics and military, although he’s a bit of a rules lawyer so he ends up defending Christians and Jews when he knows someone’s being ignorant.

    TheGamian is Orthodox Jewish, but he’s a member of the only synagogue in downtown DC so that might count for something. (plus, I enjoy talking to him)

    The Superversive is just awesome; no idea what religion he is, but he’s fought with depression and is a joy to read, when I can understand him. (lack of reach)

    I don’t know what his religion is, but Mr. Pournelle is pretty awesome– I really need to get some of his books. (I read “Fallen Angels” years ago, first I ever heard about geek culture.)

    Jordan is an atheist and unreformed Contrarian. ;^p

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