Knife or smartphone?

Enough talk

“Mr Elsener [of Victorinox, maker of the Swiss Army knife] recognises that people today think the one thing they really need in their pocket is a smartphone. They no longer feel that they need a knife in their pocket.” — Swiss Army knife adapts to remain a cutting-edge tool

A society in which everyone carries a portable telephone is different from one in which everyone carries a pocketknife. For some reason, reading about this made me want to take up smoking. Not for the addictive nicotine or the lung cancer, but just so I can carry matches. Like a boy with a pocketknife, a lit cigarette outrages all the right people. Maybe what really bothers the intrusive puritans is a guy walking around with an unlicensed fire.


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  1. Agreed.

    You might take up using incense in your car or something– pack a lighter and/or matches.

    I’m keeping my knives, though.

  2. Hmm… incense in the car; and then I might grow my hair out, stop shaving, and wear Patchouli. :-)

  3. I can’t remember if you’re a flavor of Christian that does saints or not, but a little statue of Jesus and burn frankincense (symbolizing that He is God) or myrrh (symbolizing His suffering and death) would explain it just fine without having to grow out your hair. ^.^

    Or put a candle jar in a cup holder just because it smells pretty.

    Had a car with a nasty smell to it, can you tell?

  4. I don’t remember incense in the Methodist church I attend, but it’s probably optional.

    Now I think of it, there is a statue of Jesus, and every Christmas a statue of Saint Gabriel the Archangel goes up; or else it’s a generic Christmas angel. It’s not specified, so the church can be inclusive and people don’t have to confront doctrinal differences. And really, maybe that isn’t entirely a bad thing.

    I have burned candles in the car, but that was because the heater doesn’t work.

  5. For a fun time, melt some candle wax and soak a cotton ball in it until it’s all covered except for a small piece. Once the ball cools you have a candle that will burn a LOT faster than a normal one. Each of those cotton fibers turns into an independent wick.

    Don’t burn it in your car, or even indoors without precautions because it gets hot enough for cooking. In fact, it’s a variation of the Vaseline/cotton trick that some campers use to fuel mini camp stoves.

    1. Oh, COOL! I’ll have to try it with a baby qtip (small cotton ball on a stick– maybe three or four times bigger than a cotton ball)

      Reminds me, I need to make another emergency stove. Roll newspaper or cardboard as tight as you can, until you’ve got a roll big enough to fill a metal container— coffee can, bucket, etc. Pour wax to fill.

      Much more fun than the “disposable grill” that I got at the store. ^.^

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