European Extremely Large Telescope

At least they didn’t call it the “Euroscope”

“The European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) will have a primary mirror some 40m in diameter, and will be built on top of a mountain in Chile.” That’s amazing, and I wish them every success. But the name isn’t worthy of the device. “European Extremely Large Telescope” – that’s dull, and the acronym is no better: “E-ELT.” Here are some better names:

  • Gargantocula
  • The Colossal Telescope
  • World’s Biggest Telescope
  • Telegigantor
  • Giganteletor
  • Telecolossospecula
  • Speculatelecollosissimus
  • The Great Eye

This last one would be especially apt if it could be located near a volcano, though that’s probably not the best place for good viewing.