There are cougars, scientists say

The American mountain lion or cougar is now re-populating parts of the US, scientists say.

Huh; cougars in America. Who knew?


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  1. And that after only decades of carefully shipping them into areas that once had mountain lions when they start stalking city joggers!

    1. Even if nobody deliberately transported them (I remember you posted a link to a report about that), this is the result of their policy. The article says cougars are more afraid of you than you are of them. I say let’s be sure to keep it that way.

      1. The article says cougars are more afraid of you than you are of them.

        Then link is full of shit. They might not find me worth attacking, but there’s no way they’ve got the same level of fear that I have contemplating my delightful 20+ pound cats as man-sized predators. I don’t care how much of a cliche it is, folks should know better.

        I quite seriously spent the first decade plus of my life in a valley were a classmate’s mom had two dog kennels out back for cougars. I got to SEE them several times. They’d stalk a jogger in SoCal, bet tranqed and shipped up, she’d have them for a while and set them loose.

        That said, in my dad’s up-to-50 years there and my mom’s nearly 20 years in the area, they only saw a cougar once. Then again, they acted like DANGER; in the second home town we had, there were a lot more cougar sightings because people acted like a not-threat.

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