On Syria:

“Russia isn’t wrong: the US and Western Europe are increasingly out of position to do anything minor, and it is a certainty that we will not doing anything major. So Russia will look for allies of convenience to promote the least-Islamist Syria she can; the bottom line for Russia is discouraging state Islamism in her near abroad.” — Middle East in flames

It’s a mistake to think someone in a “persistent vegatative state” is not fully human:

“It all stems from the belief that the brain ‘is’ the mind and is unique among organs. All other organs are instruments used by the organism. But the brain somehow is the organ that uses an organism. Very mysterious, even miraculous; but there is no accounting for deep-held beliefs.” — Even More Ethically Fraught

Consequences of the sexual revolution:

“For example, the two groups most harmed by the sexual revolution are among the most powerless in our society: children and lower-class women. Yet conscientious liberals, who rend their garments over every injustice from the plight of unpopular gay high school students to the tragedy of starving refugees in Darfur, are indifferent to this fact.” — The Pill Perplex

Like Jonah Goldberg said in another context,

“Arguments like this tend to get ignored not because they aren’t persuasive, but because they are. The political and psychological costs of accepting the premise are too high. So, denial inevitably triumphs.” — Jonah Goldberg on denial