Today’s menu

For Saturdays in July


“Melons, hominy, breakfast puffs, stewed kidneys, radishes, onions, coffee.”

The hominy is grits. There’s no recipe for the breakfast puffs; they’re probably popovers.

Stewed kidney

“Boil kidneys the night before till tender, turn the meat and gravy into a dish and cover over. In the morning, boil for a few moments, thicken with flour and water, add part of an onion chopped very fine, pepper, salt, and a lump of butter, and pour over toasted bread well buttered.”


“Potato soup, boiled ham, cabbage, potatoes, turnips, cucumber salad, apple sauce, lemon pie, berries, cake, wafers, coffee.”

I don’t think diners in 1894 were expected to have a little of everything, but to choose lemon pie, or berries and cake, or wafers.


“Warm biscuits, cold ham, stuffed eggs, rice, berries, cake, lemonade.”

The stuffed eggs are like deviled eggs with a little chopped ham, which is an interesting idea. But then the stuffed halves are put back together, breaded, and deep fried. The instructions say, “These are delicious, but difficult to make.”

This is all from The Woman’s Exchange Cook Book, by Mrs. Minnie Palmer, 1894


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