Astonishing video from the Democratic Convention

Amidst Boos And Multiple Votes…

This completely overwhelms my ability to generate snark. Fortunately, The Anchoress has found the Cleverest Remark on the episode.

No king but Caesar

Doc Rampage’s idea why Democrats are being asked to sacrifice for Obama are potentially disturbing. To avoid distress I’m going to tell myself it’s no more than throwing a little pinch of incense on the fire at the imperial shrine, and what harm could that do?


4 Replies to “Astonishing video from the Democratic Convention”

  1. *laughs* The response was probably partly from Hugh Hewitt’s show or another person inspired similarly– a caller phoned in to ask if anyone had heard a cock crow, then clarified “you know, after they denied him thrice.”

    Oy, vey. And Mr. Lileks found a photo of the teleprompter with the dialog on it….

    1. Hah, so pictures indicate Villaraigosa was reading the per-determined result of the “voice vote” from his teleprompter. If that picture of the teleprompter is genuine, somebody has some explaining to do. Maybe he was hearing dead people voting, because he wasn’t otherwise hearing a two-thirds majority saying aye.

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