Diplomacy in the middle east

Yesterday the US Embassy in Cairo was attacked by a mob of al Qaeda fans, on the pretext that someone made a movie about Mohammad. Our ambassador to Egypt, apparently forgetting there’s an election in two months, quickly apologized. His less politically tone-deaf superiors in Washington had to explain. The State Department needs to review how to behave during an Islamic massacre.

Later in a similar attack on our consulate in Benghazi the US ambassador to Libya was killed along with an officer with the Foreign Service and two Marines. President Obama condemned that. Strongly.

Instead of apologizing to these people, or wagging a finger, we need to beat them down. To start with, Egypt should get no more money from the US, and punitive military action must be taken against the Libyans. If we let people get away with killing an ambassador, it’s only going to be worse next time.

In the longer term, if we’re going to pay four dollars a gallon for gasoline I don’t see why the profit can’t go to Canada, instead of to a bunch of America-hating barbarians.


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