Insulting Mohammad

only a pretext

“…before the Obama administration knew who [the film maker] was, they had to mount a deliberate investigation, determine his identity, and then do a comprehensive background check to find out if there was anything they could do to him.”

That’s the problem. It isn’t that this guy should be immune to prosecution if he violated his parole. It’s that violating his parole had nothing to do with it. The FBI investigated him for causing trouble for the administration by making a (lame, tedious, misleading) movie insulting to Mohammad.

If he’d made a movie insulting Jesus Christ he would have caused no trouble for Washington, he’d never have been investigated by the FBI, and the same people who now condemn him would have given him an NEA grant for being edgy and transgressive.

The administration deliberately outed this film-maker, but the story is supposed to be all about western insensitivity and Moslem outrage.


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  1. In a situation where we hand unarmed Marines and locals, in clearly insufficent numbers, guarding our official representatives …. in the middle east… on NINE ELEVEN.


    1. Just as with the infringement on civil liberties, the papers would be full of condemnations of the feckless irresponsibility, if there weren’t a Democrat in charge.

  2. Frankly, I’m more shocked at the persecution of the guy who made the film than I am at the incompetence at defending the foreign service. Incompetence in government is not something new and unique. Having the FBI set out to persecute a private citizen for having embarrassed the president –I haven’t seen that before. But then I’ve never before seen a president ignore the law the way that Obama has done.

    1. He’s done in office everything the far left accused President Bush of doing, done it in spades, and added abuses of his own, all to a choral accompaniment of loud praise from the Democrats. I can at least respect the one or two commentators on the left who have shown some consistency. The mistake people like Glenn Greenwald make is not to realize we are at war and the president has the extensive powers that go with that, and that being at war we can do things to our enemies (like shoot them dead on sight) that we can’t do in peace time. Most worrying to me is that the war is perpetual, and the executive branch is going to retain all these powers, and accrue more, no matter who is in office. When a Republican takes office again there will be some oversight from the press, but how much credibility will the press have then?

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