Here are Chinese families’ worldly goods in Huang Qingjun’s pictures. It seems like there was a few years ago a coffee-table book with similar pictures of people and their possessions.

UPDATE 25 September 2012: The book I was thinking of is Material World: A Global Family Portrait by Peter Menzel, Charles C. Mann, and Paul Kennedy.


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  1. “They’re not like people from the city, who have so much stuff that if you asked them to do it they’d reply it was too much effort,” he says.

    Who didn’t suspect this with the “everything fits on one small table” style picture book? (Or newspaper series, or whatever.)

    It’s interesting, but I can’t ignore the ideology involved. “Lots of stuff is inherently bad” is a really dumb way to look at things– I can’t imagine how much any worker’s life is improved by having a good selection of the Right Tools for the Job.

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