Methodists and abortion

Methodist clergy often (though not always) seem to be to the left of Methodists. The higher up the hierarchy further around the Great Circle of Connection you go, the crazier they get:

“Recently a newly appointed official with the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society explained on her agency’s website that ‘we are a church that is pro-life, not pro-birth.'” — United Methodists Are “Pro-Life” but “Not Pro-Birth?”, seen here

But things seem to be moving in the right direction, if very slowly:

“Like the nation, United Methodism has slowly been stepping back in recent years from the earlier [1970s] enthusiasm for abortion rights. This year’s General Conference was almost certainly prepared to withdraw from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice had it been allowed to vote. It will happen next time in 2016. And hopefully, as our church becomes more global, United Methodism will once again reflect the historic Christian consensus that is both pro-life and pro-birth.

“As our church becomes more global” means the demographic balance is shifting toward Africa, India, and Korea. Methodists vote every few years on what’s right and wrong, so in a few years performing an abortion may become a sin. No doubt the far left will embrace that change enthusiastically, ’cause while growth is optional, change is inevitable, right?


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  1. Are you suggesting that sin is defined by some other entity than the United Methodist church? Interesting….

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