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  1. Yup. Because Boehner said the House would work with Obama.

    I want them to not work together. How do they not get it? Why do they always try to be Democrats? Democrats aren’t gonna vote for a liberal Republican. They will vote for the Democrat every time.

    1. National Public Radio was promoting this work-together nonsense yesterday on Diane Rehm’s show – that Republicans and the President must work together to fix the hard problems Americans sent them to Washington to fix. Beshrew that folly. I didn’t send anyone to Washington to fix anything. I sent them to Washington because there was no option to send them anywhere else, and no option to send nobody at all.

  2. I can’t help but remember how Clinton cowed Newt Gingrich and how Boehner seemed to be going the same way last summer during the two budget showdowns.

    But Republicans don’t give in because they expect Democrats to vote for them; they do it because the press gets progressively more vicious towards them as they threaten progressivism more. It works too. This election, again, was decided by the national press, both by covering up Obama’s failures, and by frightening Romney away from potentially winning strategies.

    I have never seen the press as shameless as they were in this election cycle. Never. It’s like they become less concerned with maintaining their reputation as their reputation deteriorates.

    Conservatives will never be able to make the changes needed to save us from our long downhill slide until we find a way to neutralized the enormous advantage of the Democrat-controlled press.

  3. Precisely. I want the option to send no one.

    Though, if it would take it off the table as a bludgeon for the Dems, I’d support them passing an amnesty of some kind. At this point, there aren’t enough jobs anyway. They aren’t gonna get rid of the illegal ones that are *already* here taking up job space. How much worse would more legal workers make it?

    1. They may well pass an amnesty; I doubt it will do the Republicans any good. After all, nothing they have ever done stops Dems from crying “racist” at every Republican. I bet the only thing passing an amnesty does is cost the Republicans votes from their “base.”

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