We should not call people “Vegetables”

nor treat them like objects

For some time now “vegetable” has seemed to me not a suitable name for any human, either directly, or in clinical descriptions like “vegetative.” They’re not vegetables; they’re people who are unresponsive or unconscious, though maybe not so unconscious as the doctors thought. They should be cared for like people, given water and food as they can receive it, and treated with dignity. They should not be starved, dehydrated, or parted out to others who need their organs.


3 Replies to “We should not call people “Vegetables””

  1. Might be helpful to move folks who seem to be unconscious for a long term into the same room as other folks– that would make it easier for people to read to them, and let someone who has visitors do some good for the others.

    1. That’s a good idea. There’s too much warehousing people out of the way somewhere so the rest of us don’t have to deal with them. It might do the unconscious some good to be in a more human environment, and make them less liable to neglect or abuse.

  2. That last line is kind of shocking when you suddenly realize that this isn’t just an inane truism; it s actually highly controversial. How did a nation founded by Christians end up at that sad state?

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