Snack cakes


Personally I don’t care that much, though I did like Suzy Q’s. If another company buys the rights to make and sell Hostess snack cakes, it’s inevitable there will be complaints that they aren’t like the Old Twinkies. There are recipes for Hostess products which are probably better than the originals. But they won’t be the originals. People are particular about their snack cakes.

UPDATE 21 November: Bill Waddell in The Anatomy of A Twinkie says the problme is management, not labor. Anecdotally, today the Hostess shelf at the grocery story was bare except for several dozen Hostess Fruitcakes. Now I myself like fruitcake, and Hostess fruitcakes aren’t bad. I might have bought one or even two, but they’re kind of pricy for what you get, and anyway I’ll make fruitcake myself shortly.

I seems like if President Obama cared about the bakers, he could have the Department of Agriculture buy Hostess fruitcakes at a supported price, distribute them to the poor for Christmas, and stockpile the rest in caves in Missouri. Then the bakers could keep working, and the poor could eat cake.

UPDATE 24 November 2012: ‘Vulture Capitalism’ Not Responsible for Hostess Demise


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  1. Let them eat cake, indeed.

    And I’m thinking the truth of the matter is probably halfway between both – management issues plus union issues.

    1. After the company asked the bankruptcy judge for permission to liquidate, the judge told them and the union to sit down together and give it one more try – and they still could not agree.

      We need these guys in Washington.

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