The world turned upside down

Anglicans resist change

The Church of England has voted not to have female bishops, at least not before they vote again in a few years. The supporters of having female bishops are worried people will think the Anglicans are stick-in-the-mud conservatives who are hostile to innovation. “How can people be so clueless?” the would-be lady bishops wonder.

Though really I don’t fully understand either. I can follow arguments for having no female clergy, or having female clergy at all levels, but having female priests but not female bishops seems odd. But then, having protestant bishops at all is odd. I’ve always thought one of the big attractions of protestantism was not to have bishops. The Catholics, of course, have both bishops and knights, but they can’t keep their pawns on the board. I could probably work up something about Mormons and rooks, but I’m going to drop this metaphor before I have to associate denominations with any other pieces.

San Francisco bans public nudity

It’s not as draconian as it sounds. Nudity is so narrowly defined that you can still walk around town without any clothes on, as long as you carry some rolling papers. Plus, there’s an exception for street fairs, parades, and parties. But still, you do technically need the government’s permission to go naked in public, and that’s just fascist.

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