Loophole in Obamacare

It is mind-boggling that the legislators who worked on this act allowed such a loophole…” This mind-boggling “loophole” is that employers don’t have to pay for Obamacare if they don’t give you more than about twenty-five hours a week. And so (astonishing! Who’d have thought!) peoples’ hours get cut to twenty-five. Well, they’ll just have to get a second part-time job.

“Yet acquiring a second part-time job may be an impossibility for a large number of service/hospitality employees. Most part-time employees in this industry do not work full eight-hour shifts in a day. Rather, they work five to six days a week for four to six hours at a time during the busiest hours. Thus, it may not be possible for part-time workers to work more than one job, because the days they will be available to work will have been constrained by the part-time job they are trying to supplement.” — D.L. Dillard, linked above

Part time work became common because of rules requiring benefits for full time workers. Voters demanded government make the rules because of appalling working conditions in the nineteenth century. Running a business by off-shoring manufacturing and keeping a few part-timers at thirty hours a week is itself a loophole; competition and regulation force businesses to use that loophole or close.

If they change the law to require employer-paid health insurance to anyone who works twenty-five hours, they’ll cut your hours to twenty. This isn’t mind-boggling at all. There’s only one way to close this “loophole” – full national health care. Some forward-thinking liberal legislators probably knew perfectly well they were creating a system that would fail, and are prepared to make the most of that failure.


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    1. Two jobs at thirty hours per week becomes three at twenty. I can only imagine the headline in the NYT: “Obamacare creates millions of new jobs; working poor hit hardest.” Really; I can only imagine it.

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