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Responses to a failed prediction of the end of the world

  • “Suckers!”
  • “Wait, did I say Tuesday? Thursday! I meant Thursday. It’s Thursday for sure.”
  • “Not this Thursday! Next Thursday!”
  • “No, I didn’t mean this one; I clearly said the next Thursday after the winter solstice.”
  • “Not the winter solstice of 2012, that’s already past. The next one! If only people would listen!”
  • “Having returned to my study to consult the literature, I am now convinced the world will end on the third Friday in June of 2014. Here’s where you can order my dvd…”
  • “The world as we knew it did end Tuesday. This is something else.”
  • “The end of the world began on Tuesday. It will progress slowly at first.” [This is the one I find most scary.]
  • “Okay, I have no idea. I’ve predicted the end of the world at various dates since 1965, and I’ve been wrong every time. Each time it all seemed to make sense, and each time I was totally, laughably wrong. I now think nobody knows when the world will end. I’m sorry to have mislead so many people over the years.”