Home defense

When someone carrying a crowbar broke into her home, a mother hid in the attic with her two children and a .38 revolver. When the man opened the attic door and found then, she fired six times, hit him five times in the face and neck, then took the kids and ran past him. The man got up, left the house and drove off, but the police caught him shortly. He’s recovering in the hospital.

  1. Good thing the mother was armed and prepared to shoot.
  2. Good thing she had six shots; she might have needed more.
  3. A .38 revolver is at best the smallest effective gun for home defense, and may be too small.
  4. “God made men and women; Samuel Colt made them equal.”

2 Replies to “Home defense”

  1. But there is no way she’d ever have needed more than 10 shots, of course… better ban those high capacity magazines, doncha know?

    1. Sure, nobody should have high-capacity magazines. They’re just not needed for protection.

      Revolvers, and pistols in general, have their place; they may not be the best choice for primary home defense. Shotguns, with fewer but way more effective rounds than a .38 revolver, are popular and reliable. I’ve also read good arguments in favor of a light carbine.

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