Driver’s licenses for illegal aliens

This way to the egress?

The idea of giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants is fundamentally unsound. The supposed beneficiaries of this law will think it’s a trick. They know perfectly well that no rationally governed nation would do such a thing. They’ll think that if they show up with the papers proving they’re undocumented, the US will ship them back home to wait in line with everyone else.

I expect people who support illegal immigration will support driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. They may be damaging their own case if they do. If a man’s unemployed and has a driver’s license, is he still an undocumented worker? They’d do better to call them “undocumented drivers” and just let them drive whenever they want.

UPDATE 12 January 2013: Among other marks of idiocracy, “You know a country is run by idiots when you can get arrested for expired tags on your car but not for being in the country illegally.” Several of those quotes are keepers.


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    1. I hand’t even thought of that. The dmv will have to be check their ids carefully before issuing a license. They’ll want to be sure only legitimate illegal immigrants get them, and not people who are trying to work the system.

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