Newspeak, and safety

It’s surprising that the word “hormesis” is even legal to say. In fact it may be banned in Manhattan. Like “jury nullification,” it’s going to be trouble if the common people find out about it. But really, the common people already know about the concept, even if they don’t know the word.

Not related in any obvious way is this safety video about electrostatic discharge.


2 Replies to “Newspeak, and safety”

  1. The “secret society” of the AEC and those national security knuckleheads are the main reason nuclear power hasn’t made any more progress. When every other word out of their mouth is a lie, it’s a little hard to believe anything they say.

    1. I don’t know a lot about the AEC. I tend to blame the misguided environmentalists, and the pols who exploit people’s fear.

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