Being overly flexible on the deposit is also a red flag. It’s not that hard for a tenant to do $1,000 worth of damage to a place and then walk away, and that’s why a landlord will want the deposit up front. Will a landlord be flexible on that if asked? Possibly. But don’t expect the landlord to volunteer that. Really, there’s no need to. The goal of an ad is to get the AAA tenant–if the landlord is fishing for a C-minus tenant from the get-go, either the landlord is desperate–a bad sign–or it’s a scam. — A landlord’s take on Craigslist rental scams

Written from a landlord’s perspective, this is a good thing to for anyone to read.


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    1. It is a good article. I’d also recommend it to people who think the landlord pays the property tax.

      1. Truth.

        Although I have to laugh at the idea of the landlord getting the lawn mowed once a month… we rent a place with two family houses on it, so they do the lawnwork…. been mowed four times since we got here! (We were also told to STOP trying to keep the grass green. Same reason. Amazing how standards aren’t as firm when they’re paying for it….)

  1. The same people who think the landlord pays the property taxes are the ones for more taxes; because all the people getting the tax increase certainly have no other choices…

    1. Yeah. And most places non-owner occupied property is taxed at a higher rate, so the renter pays more yet, while he votes for the guy who is sticking it to him. It’s not taxation without the consent of the governed; the governed are just feckless.

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