There’ll be no more Head Start; an aircraft carrier will have to be moth-balled; diabetics won’t get their insulin; graduate students won’t get their free birth control pills; eventually we’ll have to sell the Lincoln Memorial to the People’s Liberation Army. And yet, they Federal government is still hiring, and we can still afford to give $250,000,000 to people who hate our guts.

The Democrats talk like it’s a crisis, but they don’t act like it’s a crisis.


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  1. We got a 10% pay-cut, so I guess *something* did in fact happen as a result. It’s sort of a bummer that it’s one of the few government issues that actually affects our life immediately. Usually it’s less obvious when they take our money.

    1. I guess t was too much to hope that instead, just this time, they’d maybe not send a quarter billion dollars to the Egyptian government; or not send a boatload of cash to the Pakistani mango producers; or maybe, just maybe, suspend foreign aid to China. Since we’re short of money and all.

  2. I see one of two things happening to solve the debt problem.
    1. Continue printing money until were out of debt, or at least far enough out of debt that the interest payment no longer are quite as big a percentage of GDP.
    2. The rest of world agrees that we should all just forgive each others debt since its all a house of cards anyways.
    While number 2 seems unlikely it is possible. After WWII the US rebuild Europe and ended up forgiving most of the debt due to all the money making opportunities it gave them.

    1. Number one looks inevitable, and most people seem not to mind. Inflation seems like a bad thing, but it should hurt the US less than the rest of the world. As for number two, world financial leaders might choose to do that, if it could be done slowly and quietly.

  3. The reason the cuts are where they are is to make things painful. Everyone has as much as admitted it. My mom & brother, grunts in the bureaucratic system, get unpaid furloughs and pay cuts and yet the ruling class still gets all their vacations and golf outings. And murderous thugs get to continue hating us on our dime.

    Just give us what we want and the pain will stop and everyone will be happy. That’s the whole M.O. here, it seems. If you make us cut our spending, we’ll make *you* pay.

  4. Congressional hi-jinks are so entertaining.

    Just to put things in perspective, planning for the proposed aircraft carrier overhaul cost $200 million. The overhaul itself will cost $3 BILLION. Makes the $250 million for Egypt seem like small potatoes.

    1. It’s relatively small, though total aid to Egypt has been like 1.5 billion per year since the Carter administration, most of it military aid. And a lot of that comes back to the US when they buy guns and bombs. But since there have to be cuts because of the sequester, let’s make the cuts there instead of in the federal meat inspection budget. Likewise, no more aid for Pakistan or China, and no more money to find out why lesbians are fat.

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