The real deal

When they elect a Pope, the Catholics have the meeting in the actual Sistine Chapel. That’s just way more impressive than having a meeting in the fellowship hall, or even in the big conference room out at the Ramada Inn.


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  1. Ha! The more important part is that they don’t vote on what is going to be considered essential dogma and morals this week. ;-) Although the chapel IS very nice.

      1. I’m sure they are – probably hot cross buns and espresso. You’d need to plow the south 40 to work off that casserole, not sit around voting & praying.

      2. Oooh! Oooh! I can answer that!

        The local EWTN station was doing a pre-interview with one of the ladies they had over there reporting, and the last question– asked with a laugh– was where she’d been eating; she mentioned that a lot of the staff and a few Cardinals had been at the same really great place.

        Rome is apparently the place to go for good food, and with the whole “the Pope didn’t die” thing, I bet the Vatican cooks for when they’re locked in get to REALLY show off.
        (Yes, it’s allowed– even during Fridays of Lent. You don’t have to make the food nasty when you’re reducing quantity or sticking to a strict diet, and given that even without the 80 year olds voting, there are a lot of older guys who aren’t allowed to fast… I bet that folks are putting forth their best work.)

        Educated guesses aside, you could always ask Cardinal Dolan at his blog. I think the media contact page would work.

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