Gun-free zones

“Some problems solve themselves. There has been a mild spate of stories about armed police being asked to leave coffee shops and restaurants — at least one a Denny’s — because the establishment has a no-gun policy. I suggest that the simplest solution is to require that any such gun-free establishment be required to warn everyone, including the police, that this establishment doesn’t want them. A large sign saying ‘THIS IS A GUN FREE ZONE. POLICE NOT WELCOME INSIDE’ would solve the problem. Potential armed robbers would of course obey the sign, so there would be no need of police, who could improve their own health and safety by ignoring any calls for succor from inside the shop. The problem, if it is a problem, would soon go away without expenditure of public resources.” — Smart Phone Cramming; Saber Rattling in Seoul; Is the Korean War on again? Is AI humanity’s greatest threat?, by Jerry Pournelle


4 Replies to “Gun-free zones”

  1. The real reason I support “Gun free” shopping and restaurant zones, without the support of law– it means that the flutter-flitters can feel “safe,” and the folks who have a concealed carry can make a rational analysis of the risks and end up protecting the rest with the guns the flutters never know are there. (Example: the Portland mall shooting, which was stopped by a guy who decided that being able to protect his friend and her baby was worth the risk of being kicked out of the mall.)

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