“Bitcoin for Christians”? Really?

“Over a series of three posts I’ll provide some background information on Bitcoin, explain how it works, and consider some of the reasons why Christians need to develop an informed opinion about the cryptocurrency.” — What Christians Should Know About Bitcoin (Part 1 of 3)

Hmm, well, though a bit dubious I’ll read the first post, because I am both a Christian and mildly interested in Bitcoin; but don’t abuse my curiosity with a series on racoons for Christians, rare earth extraction technologies for Christians, or what we as Christians ought to consider about recent trends in theatrical lighting technology.

“We should start with the question “What is Bitcoin?” but before we can answer that we need to consider a more fundamental question, “What is money?” And that question brings us to the story of the rai of Yap.”

Okay, now I’m hooked.

Related or not, Fairy tales can come true is my favorite story I’ve posted here.