Internet sales tax

The Republicans continue their drive to stop me voting for them. Sure, Democrats want more and higher taxes. It’s no surprise that President Obama and the Democratic Senate are trying to impose a internet sales tax. But with the Republicans controlling the House of Representatives, no internet sales tax has a chance. Because Republicans are against taxes, and even want to cut taxes. Right? So don’t tell me Barack Obama and the Democrats raised my taxes, unless you’re willing to tell me the Republicans and the House of Representatives raised my taxes.

And hey Republicans! With amnesty for illegal aliens, gun control, and gay marriage, you’ve pretty much lost me. Raise taxes again and it’s all over between us.


2 Replies to “Internet sales tax”

  1. I realize it’s many, many years too late to be all upset about this, but I don’t like paying tax on the same dollar multiple times — when I earn it, when I spend it, if I save it until I die, etc.

    1. You could figure out what the total tax really is, but it would be too depressing. Even with all that, taxes only cover about half of what the federal government spends. The rest is borrowed. And astonishingly, people are relatively eager to lend.

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