Off the menu again

For some time I bought from Walmart a particular brand of canned herring I like, for a dollar a can. Then last year they bumped the price up to a dollar eighteen. Eighteen percent seemed a bit much, so I stopped eating herring – surprisingly, it wasn’t all that difficult.

Then around the beginning of lent they dropped the price back to a dollar a can, so I stocked up and ate a lot of herring.

The other day I looked and they wanted a dollar thirty-eight a can. That’s just not happening. Frankly, I question who besides me is buying very much canned herring. We’ll see if it goes on sale. Until then I’m switching to sardines and salmon.


2 Replies to “Herring”

  1. I haven’t had Ramen noodles since sometime around 2003 because the price increased beyond $0.10 a package. Of course, in the case of Ramen noodles there are probably other benefits to passing on them, but I just can’t bring myself to spend $0.25.

    It took me almost two years of living in our current location to accept that bananas were just going to cost $0.79/lb instead of the $0.49 I was used to. I do buy bananas now.

    Also, I suspect that if the same person were in charge of both paying attention to what items are selling at your WalMart and what they stock at what price at your particular WalMart, you’d have enormous personal control over the price of canned herring. Just imagine.

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