I’m not really a gun guy. As a boy I shot a .22 rifle whenever I could, at cans and stuff, and I had a target model .22 air pistol that was really something, and a bb gun. In the army I qualified with the usual weapons, but small arms were not central to my job. After getting out I didn’t shoot anything for twenty years, except a black-powder pistol at a fair once.

The other day I went trap shooting, and I look forward to going again. Say what you want about Barack Obama, but he has done more than any president in living memory to encourage gun ownership.

Trap shooting seems to be one of those activities that tempt a man to buy stuff. Having shot exactly once (and poorly), I thought “Well that was good, but if I had a shell pouch like that one, and some of those glasses, and one of those things, and a couple of those, and a re-loading setup, and another shotgun, and yet another shotgun…”

That’s folly. Really, there’s only one thing I need: to show up regularly for a couple of seasons, do some hunting, and then maybe think about new gear.

Oh, and I do need a shell pouch. And maybe some shooting glasses. I’ll just see what they have at the store.


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