Photos, and a tutorial

Cross section photos of bullets, taken by Sabine Pearlman. Included are a number of unusual varities.

Good tutorial on small arms ammunition.

UPDATE 26 June: Captions for the ammunition cross-sections, by some guy on the internet who seems to know what he’s talking about.


3 Replies to “Ammunition”

  1. That’s really cruel –just showing us the photos without explaining what we are looking at. What the heck is that dart-like thing? And why is some of the metal blue or redish?

    1. People have made lots of peculiar things. Blue is usually the color code indicating practice or training rounds, but that’s not something to count on. The first blue thing might be some kind of plastic training round with a tracer, but I don’t know what the other internals might be. The dart is a flechette round, because “flechette rounds” sell better than darts, I guess. Others are armor-piercing, incendiary, shot rounds, metal-jacketed bullets, plain lead bullets, and hollow-points. Maybe that last thing is a flare. Here are lots more ammunition cross sections with descriptive notes.

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