Hitler finds out “The Magic Flute” is an allegory

Diana Damrau is pretty creepy as the Queen of the Night in Mozart’s Magic Flute, which means she’s doing a fine job in the role. It seems like with the right subtitles this could be the basis of some parody videos:

  • “The Queen of the Night finds out Obamacare doesn’t cover chiropractic”
  • Hillary Clinton finds out Google is dumping Google Reader”
  • “Nancy Pelosi finds out Applebee’s isn’t serving that flatbread anymore”

The only thing that might keep them from catching on is if people get tired of hearing Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen.


2 Replies to “Vergeltungswaffe”

  1. My mental spellcheck read the title as “VulgenWaffle,” causing Professor von Drake’s voice in my mind to say “ah, yes, der VulgenWaffle, Waffle Vulgaris, the common waffle!”

    1. Not to be confused with the Belgian waffle, nor with its more distant cousin the stroopwafel.

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