Violinist argument, and response

The violinist argument is a hypothetical argument in favor of abortion:

“A woman wakes up to find she’s been attached without her consent to a famous violinist who needs the help of her kidneys for the next nine months in order to live. If the woman detaches herself from him, he will die. According to Thompson, since it’s clear that the woman ought not be forced by law to remain attached to this man (though he is a person with rights), in the same way, the law ought not force a woman to remain attached to an unborn child who is similarly using her body to live (though he is a person with rights).” — A New Response to the Violinist Argument, seen here.

The cabin argument is in response: A woman finds herself against her will confined in an isolated cabin with an infant not her own. As the de facto guardian, she has a moral obligation to feed the infant.