“I want to know when the FBI uses a drone to fly over my property or someone’s house, are they getting a warrant first or are they just doing it willy-nilly because they can?” he [Senator Rand Paul] asked. — Paul threatens hold on FBI nominee over domestic drone policy. Well, I want to know too. Good luck getting an honest answer.

“Presumably the possibility of short-term gain drowns out, in the minds of these activists, the inevitable historical lesson that, once discrimination is endemic in a society, Jews will find themselves on the receiving end of it.” — No free speech in France – Jewish group successfully sues Twitter to hand over ID’s of foes to police. Why is it always the Jews, and never the Bolivians?

“The idea that the country ought to be run by the people, rather than by the people who know best, lasted somewhere from Andrew Jackson and until shortly after the Civil War. It was buried in an unmarked grave with the political career of Theodore Roosevelt, whose ideas frightened the hell out of both parties. …if the political elites woke up tomorrow morning to polling that showed that Congress and the White House were about to be claimed by a new third party committed to closing the border, ending all international agreements, ending Federal control over interstate commerce and shutting down the EPA, there would within short order be a whole bundle of rulings removing the party and its candidates from contention.” — The American Deep State, by Daniel Greenfield, seen here. Some say that if voting could change anything it would be illegal. That’s an exaggeration, at least in state and local elections, but there is much truth to it when it comes to a national election.

“I said to him, ‘It So-and-so’s brand,’ naming the man on whose range we happened to be. He answered: ‘That’s all right, boss; I know my business.’ In another moment I said to him: ‘Hold on, you are putting on my brand!’ To which he answered: ‘That’s all right; I always put on the boss’s brand.’ I answered: ‘Oh, very well. Now you go straight back to the ranch and get whatever is owing to you; I don’t need you any longer.’ He jumped up and said: ‘Why, what’s the matter? I was putting on your brand.’ And I answered: ‘Yes, my friend, and if you will steal for me then you will steal from me.'” — Theodore Roosevelt, from Citizenship in a Republic, 1910. Hmm, that explains the remark about Roosevelt just above.

“Did we learn nothing from Prohibition? NO WE DID NOT, and further we refuse to learn anything. We are AMERICANS and we can be as stupid as we want to be. If you aren’t part of the ruling class we will use whatever excuse we want to take whatever we want away from you.” — North Dallas 40. A majority of American voters didn’t learn anything, but the politicians did. They learned Prohibition was great for politicians.