It’s New York City:

Immigrants living in NYC send groceries bought with food stamps to relatives in Caribbean – Now if turned out that some of the immigrants using taxpayer money to buy groceries and ship them off to ‘the islands’ were here illegally, we’d really have the liberal definition of utopia.”

It’s striking how quickly the free market responds. Grocery stores in the area sell 55-gallon plastic barrels for shipping the loot back home.

Customers pay cash for the barrels, usually about $40, and typically ship them filled with $500 to $2,000 worth of rice, beans, pasta, canned milk and sausages.”

Sausages? What kind, I wonder?


2 Replies to “Utopia”

  1. Maybe what we’ve got here is the difference between what a committee of average Americans thinks is poverty and what people are actually living with in the Caribbean. If they were filling those containers with champagne, caviar and cigarettes, I would agree that someone should put a stop to it. But rice, beans and canned sausages? It might be a sin in somebody’s book, but not in mine. Besides, have you ever had canned sausages?

    1. I dunno; forty dollars for the barrel, seventy dollars shipping, and a thousand dollars worth of food stamps they did not use to feed themselves. It seems like New York could have not given them the thousand dollars worth of food stamps. They’d have eaten the same thing, they just wouldn’t have sent any food out of the country. Plus they would have saved $110 on packing and shipping.

      I bet you’re right – they’re sending canned vienna sausages. I actually like these pretty well, though I quit eating them years ago. Scientists will probably discover next week that they’re chock full of long-chain teleomeres, antioxidants, and testosterone.

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