Cutting the cable

the TV cable

“The offerings lately on television have really stunk up the joint. It’s making it easier to argue with the OAM for the switch over to no cable and doing everything on Netflix, Hulu and iTunes. And when he looked ahead at the new offerings for next year, they look just as dismal. We watch about 3 shows consistently and we can pretty much get them off of iTunes by waiting and being a season behind. Oh sure, we watch some other crap just have something on in the background (someone’s ADD requires more input than music alone gives him). But on the off chance that we simply cannot miss an episode of American Pickers, we can get it elsewhere. Haven’t cut the cord yet, but I can feel it coming. Just as the cord to the housebound telephone got cut off last month (saving us a stupid amount of money every month)…” — TV really sucks

We’ve got The Prisoner, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Daria on dvd, so we’re in good shape for now. There are a couple shows on tv I’ll still watch (looking forward to Big Bang Theory), but the offerings are pretty thin. The commercial interruptions, and the seasonal interruptions are so long that I lose interest. At the link are a couple of crime dramas on dvd that sound lit=ke they might be worth a look.