Snake “removal”?

The M-1 Series Snake Tongs provide “safe and humane rattlesnake removal.” Uh huh. If I want to remove rattlesnakes I’ll use the M-1 garden hoe, and that only if I can’t use a shotgun.

Seriously, how can there be a market for snake tongs? The zookeeper should already have a pair, and maybe the wildlife ecologist, and the one guy who catches live snakes to support anti-venom production. Who else has any business catching rattlesnakes alive, Doctor Evil’s snake pit supervisor? For everyone else – Hey, it’s a rattlesnake. Kill it.


2 Replies to “Snake “removal”?”

  1. Many of them are endangered. (pause for mandatory “around me, they sure are” comment) You and I know that’s a technical term meaning “hard to see from the road,” but some folks……

    1. Sounds like a law: “Any irrational behavior is most simply explained as a result of government regulation.”

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