An unending war against, well, whoever.

“The progressive always needs a noble cause. Their identity is defined by the struggle. Equality is never achieved. As soon as one victory is celebrated the war councils meet to plan the next campaign. Have women finally been ordained as priest? Now we will campaign for women bishops. Drink your champagne quickly, for next on the agenda is equality for LBGTQW [“W”? Now what?] people. Have homosexuals been granted same sex civil unions? Put away your party hats. We must campaign for real marriage. Have we achieved civil marriage for same sex couples? We will not be satisfied until we have marriage IN CHURCH! Those who appease the progressive tyrants must not imagine that there will ever be peace.” — The Relentless Protestant Pursuit of Progress, by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

This seems entirely correct, except for the suggestion that progressivism is a uniquely protestant ideology. That is, either Catholics are all over this as well, or lots of people who go to Mass are in fact protestants.