Several outbreaks of violence have marred the US Black Friday shopping frenzy, as bargain-hunters besieged malls across the US.”

Come on, people! We’re trying to maintain a civilization here! Let’s try and keep the frenzy non-violent.

Maybe thirty years from now people will simply form a mob, break down the door, and loot the Walmart. Then a thousand years after that when civilization has returned, black Friday will be a children’s holiday when they put on masks and merchants hand out candy and small toys. Instead of trick-or-treating on Halloween, kids will go door-busting on the next-to-last Friday in November.


6 Replies to “Door-busters”

  1. Two robberies that weren’t even at a store, one fight “about a parking spot” a half-hour after the store was open (two minutes to find that out, from the point I clicked on the link to when the local Walmart ad for that store loaded and I saw it opened at 6PM), one random youtube video….

    So out of 97 million people, they could find SIX incidents, half of which were a stretch?


    1. Indeed. Sometimes I wonder if it’s time to stop trying to maintain what we have and start trying to build a civilization. Or maybe “culture” is a better word.

  2. “people will simply form a mob, break down the door, and loot the Walmart.”

    It may not take 30 years. After all, the Koolaid being drunk right now sells the people on the “fact” that they are entitled to everything their little hearts desire and if they can’t afford what they want, they deserve to have it handed to them. How dare that greedy Walmart keep them from their rightful due.

      1. I’m sure it sounds like a really good idea to those who have bemoaned the President’s inability to simply rule like in China… “Govern by decree”… sounds like a sanitized phrase for “dictatorship.”

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