Use super glue to hold a screw on a screw-driver

I needed to mount a shower valve to a stud with a couple of wood screws. To avoid tearing out more of the wall, this needed to be done through an existing hole in the finished wall. So as a result, I wanted to put a good-sized screw on the end of the driver, and then carefully insert it through a hole in the wall, then through the mounting hole on the valve, and so into the stud. There are screw-drivers that have a clip on the end to hold the screw, but I don’t have one. I do have a magnetic screw-driver, but the screw was too heavy for the magnet.

I put a drop of super glue on the screw head, put the driver in the slot, and let it set up for a minute, then slid it through the wall into the hole, and screwed it down. Wiggling the screw-driver easily broke it loose from the screw, and I did the whole thing again to run in the second screw. It’s an obvious trick that’s no doubt occurred to lots of people, but maybe it will save someone a little trouble.