“Just one sin among many”

“Imagine the New York Times in 2008 had approached Pastor Tim Keller to ask what he thought of the arrest of Bernie Madoff for the incredible Ponzi scheme he used to defraud billions of dollars from investors. Keller responds with something like, ‘Economic fraud is a terrible sin, and Bernie Madoff should repent and turn to Jesus for forgiveness.’

“I cannot imagine a single Christian pastor, teacher, evangelist, apologist, journalist, writer, social critic or observer criticizing that quote with the following: ‘While I agree with Pastor Keller, he really should have emphasized that economic fraud is just one sin among many and we are all sinners.'” — An Oh-So-Subtle Twist, by Dr. Brian Mattson


2 Replies to ““Just one sin among many””

  1. There is a difference, though. There isn’t a highly influential movement that is seeking to portray the critics of Ponzi-schemers as the modern-day verison of the KKK and the Nazi party. The reason that people feel the need to add the qualifiers is a pragmatic desire to protect themselves from the vicious personal attacks that follow. Of course the qualifiers never work, but hope spring eternal.

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