Sixty years of bad peace

“The international community must act on evidence that crimes against humanity are being committed in North Korea, says a long-awaited UN report.”

Uh huh. I expect a strongly worded condemnation any day now. Of course the US could act to end the North Korean regime, but that would involve killing people and blowing up stuff, and then hanging Kim Jong-un and half a dozen of his lieutenants. Then the world would be united in its outrage against the US. And you know, it isn’t really our turn. Let the EU, or China, or Brazil, or Turkey act, and we in American will sit home and sanctimoniously condemn the loss of life.


2 Replies to “Sixty years of bad peace”

  1. We tried to take down North Korea once before. Red China wasn’t too happy about that then. I don’t think they will be any happier about it now. Matter of fact, I think they like having North Korea be the bad guy. That way they can use their influence as a bargaining chip whenever they want something from the West, like all the oil in Africa. Never mind the “disputed islands” in the South China sea, that’s just a sideshow to keep the media entertained.

    1. It would be astonishing if we did anything (and again, it’s not our turn.) China wouldn’t like it, but if a confrontation is inevitable we’d do better to have it when we choose instead of when they choose. Now, maybe the Chinese will install a more stable dictator, but then the result will be to China’s liking, and not to ours. That is, to the extent that we really care. Japan, and South Korea, and the rest of the countries in the area may be getting the idea that they’re on their own, or at least that the US isn’t going to take the lead. If China’s neighbors plan and act on that basis, maybe that’s not a bad result for US national interest. Maybe ignoring it will pay off for us, if not for the miserable people of North Korea.

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