The high school graduation rate has hit a record high.

The article doesn’t mention it, but a lot of the credit for this should go to colleges around the country that have improved access to remedial English and math classes for entering freshmen. Because without these, where would the high school graduates go?

I totally need to stop reading the news.


3 Replies to “Stunning”

  1. Yea, because then I read you, and look down the rabbit hole, and goodness only knows what happens next.

    Not having read the linked item (yet), I none the less am suspicious: school numbers are perhaps the only numbers cooked harder in the country than employment numbers. The numbers put out by ‘educators’ would make a soviet 5 year plan blush.

    1. Heh; it would be ironic if they lied about something they shouldn’t be bragging about anyway.

  2. Yeah, it’s kind of depressing that college is just an extension of high school because the emphasis is on pushing the kids out the door and giving them a meaningless diploma. What am I saying – it’s really depressing. On-time graduation being more important than a meaningful graduation… sigh.

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