Readings from the Fathers

You know what I’d buy?* One of those little devotional tract books like The Upper Room or Forward Day by Day, but with selections from the Fathers instead of J. Random Christian’s thought for the day. Now usually J. Random Christian has something good and important to say, but so do Athanasius, Gregory, and Augustine. Those guys have a thing or two to tell us. Maybe I’m projecting my own ignorance and laziness, but they seem to be overlooked by most people, and it’s difficult to sit down and read Saint Augistine. If it were just three or four hundred words, well chosen by a Chrsitan scholar who knew the material, I think I could read more of the Fathers and get a lot out of it.

*When I say “buy” I mean “pick up from a table in the narthex if the sign says they’re free.”