Free shots

Caution: this makes no sense

Why contraceptives? Why not require Walmart, Costco, and, what the heck, Home Depot, to provide a free flu shot not only for employees, but for anyone who wants one? In fact, why not make every hardware store provide free vaccines for everyone – regular childhood shots, tetanus boosters, shingles, the whole lot.

This part makes some sense

In fact, when people cross our border illegally, the first thing the border patrol should do – whether they afterwards send them back to Guatemala or send them on to Toronto (why not?) – the first thing the border patrol should do is shoot them full of vaccines.

UPDATE 11 July 2014: Charles Pergiel has related thoughts on the Supreme Court and mass media.

2 Replies to “Free shots”

  1. What really surprises me is that no one has tackled the contraceptive mandate on the grounds that it’s not actually health care. Health care is care to to prevent bad health. Pregnancy is not bad health. Surely, there is some wording in the law that they can make regulations to control health care, and not all medical procedures. Could they mandate plastic surgery?

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