In the town of Vanity Fair, the judge is Lord Hate-good. He instructs the jury:

“There was an act made in the days of Pharaoh the great, servant to our prince, that, lest those of a contrary religion should multiply, and grow too strong for him, their males should be thrown into the river. There was also an act made in the days of Nebuchadnezzar the great, another of his servants, that whoever would not fall down and worship his golden image, should be thrown into a fiery furnace. There was also an act made in the days of Darius, that whoso for some time called upon any God but him, should be cast into the lions’ den. Now the substance of these laws this rebel has broken, not only in thought (which is not to be borne) but also in word and deed; which must, therefore, needs be intolerable.” — Faithful’s martyrdom at Vanity Fair, from Pligrim’s Progress

Christians will be on the wrong side of the line. If any are not, the line will be moved to put them there. That’s how things are; and really, it’s nothing to worry about.