Black is white

But white is not black

We’re all the same inside, except for our unique differences. Here’s how it works.

Biological sex is fictional. It can be changed, to (better?) reflect what (who?) a person really is. There are no natural sex roles. Gender is an imposition of the patriarchy – paradoxically, “white” “men,” who cannot really exist as such. It’s just social construction that makes little girls like telephones and little boys like remote controls. Biological sex is not determinative, nor fixed, nor even very important, because woman equals man in any context.

Sexual orientation is foundational. It is the true underlying reality of who we are. It cannot be changed, and is never “wrong.” It’s wicked to suggest it could be in any way wrong, and barbaric to suggest that it is even possible to alter the (fictional!) biological sex to which you are attracted; baby you were born that way. Celebrate it! Everybody! That’s an order! Dance, Hater! Sexual orientation is identity, built into our very genes.

Race is both fictional and foundational, depending on context. There are no distinctive racial characteristics, and really there’s no such thing as race. That’s just another construction of dead Nazis. Though someone can be a woman in a man’s body, she cannot be a black woman in a white man’s body. Race, like sex, is something that cannot be changed, and something it’s wicked even to wish could be changed, but it’s not who you are, except when it is.

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