Good thing the Republicans won, huh?

Now what will they do about President Obama’s executive order on immigration?

The Republicans won’t do anything about it, because they’re in favor of it. Oh, they’ll say they oppose it, and they’ll try to gain political advantage out of criticizing it. But really they think it’s just great. They get what they want, they get to blame Obama for it, and they get to run against it in two years. And as a bonus, doing it by executive order establishes a precedent.


2 Replies to “Good thing the Republicans won, huh?”

    1. People complain the Republican leaders are spineless, but that misses the point. They allow this by their acquiescence not because they’re afraid of Obama, but because they’re in favor of amnesty. The case is similar for “gay marriage,” and, maybe for other issues not strictly political.

      Essentially everyone is in favor of amnesty: politicians of both parties, mainstream religious leaders, journalists, businessmen, professors, entertainers, all the best and brightest.

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