Everything comes around again

Sometime in the next ten years they’ll tell us that attendance centers are a bad idea and we need a K-through-eight elementary school in every neighborhood, unless your kids go to a K-through-eight elementary school in your neighborhood, in which case they must be bused to an attendance center across town. How do I know this? Because after years of telling everyone to be The Guide on the Side and not The Sage on the Stage, someone says ‘Chalk and talk’ teaching might be the best way after all.

Astonishing, but they say it’s supported by the latest pedagogical research, so it must be so. I suppose ‘Chalk and talk’ is nothing like lecturing; really, it must be another thing entirely. In fact it’s probably so different that everyone will have to sit through a professional development seminar on how to effectively move toward a culturally sensitive implementation of the chalk-and-talk paradigm.

What they won’t tell us ever is that the only pedagogy independent of the subject to be taught is taking attendance, or that they are air-heads who talk about moving toward implementation of paradigms.