More on law enforcement

“The Pentagon Finally Details its Weapons-for-Cops Giveaway.” See what your town got.

There are legitimate concerns about militarizing our police forces, but I’m not against dispersing surplus military weapons all over the country. It gives us a little defense in depth, and local law enforcement is local. We have more say in what our Sheriff does than in what the FBI does. Granted it would be better if the DOD would make military weapons available cheap to gun clubs or individuals generally, with minimal requirements. In fact if the federal government were sane they would give tax breaks or even a small stipend for ammo to any law-abiding citizen who would maintain an M-14 and shoot it every month. But if I could change one thing about law enforcement today it wouldn’t be the weapons. I’d get rid of civil asset forfeiture.


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  1. What are you, some kind of communist? Thems peoples is criminalz! (Sorry, that’s sarcasm. Running into crap this early in the day triggers an ingrained reflex.)

    I have a problem with the ACLU. This asset forfeiture has been going on for years and they stopped ONE case in Texas. WTF have they been doing?

    And what is this ‘double your donation’ thing? Where is the extra money coming from? Just falling out of the sky?

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